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Most Tift, Georgia traffic or speeding tickets will cost you anywhere from $1200-$5000 over 3-5 years!
We can save you this money.

No points, No record, and No court appearance.

Georgia Traffic / Speeding Ticket Lawyer/Attorney | The Law Offices of Troy P. Hendrick |
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The Law Offices of Troy P. Hendrick are a Georgia traffic and speeding ticket law firm with proven success in courts across the state of Georgia including Tift.

We have developed a highly specialized division of our firm that deals only with traffic and speeding issues. That means that our firms' attorneys are actually practicing in the courts where your ticket will be prosecuted — day to day, month to month, and year to year.

Your driving record is very valuable, even though most people don’t know it.

The premium you pay for your insurance is based on several variables. By far the most significant variable is your driving record. Any conviction, even for minor infractions, will show up on your driving record.

Then your insurance company will raise your rates. They will stay elevated for 3-5 (sometimes 7!) years. Over this time, you will literally pay thousands in additional premiums. If we are successful in reducing or eliminating your citation, your insurance company will not raise your premium. This is a simple decision based on simple economics.

To verify this, we encourage you to call your insurance agent to ask them what effect a conviction will have on your premium. We will save you thousands.

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We do all the work and appear on your behalf. Whenever possible. It's that simple.

• FREE Initial consultation
• No Office Visit Necessary
• Usually No Court Visit

Save Money:
On fines, court costs, and car insurance premium increases.
Save Time:
No going to court, no multiple trips, and no missed work.
Avoid Anxiety:
When we represent you in traffic court, you may not need to face the judge, district attorney, or police officer to argue your ticket.
Avoid Aggravation:
Usually no courthouse hassles.

We represent Tift, Georgia clients in all types of traffic and speeding tickets including:

• Speeding tickets
• Super Speeder
• Red light
• Stop sign
• No insurance
• Suspended license
• Suspended registration
• Commercial Driver Licenses – CDL
• Failure to appear and Warrants
• Online Traffic Tickets
• Aggressive Driving
• Passing a School Bus
• Reckless Driving
• Hit & Run
• Improper Lane Change
• Improper Passing
• Following Too Closely
• Move Over Violation
• Failure to Yield
• Texting While Driving
• Disorderly Conduct
• Possession of Less than 1 oz. Marijuana
• Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device
• No Valid License

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