Information Regarding the Class Action against DeKalb County Recorder’s Court:

If you were a victim of an illegal prosecution in DeKalb County, you may have recourse as a member of the class of individuals whose Due Process rights were violated. Additionally, if you were assigned probation to pay off your fees and fines, you may be a member of a related class of individuals.

We are working diligently on this lawsuit in an attempt to secure a recovery for everyone who was victimized by the Court. Unfortunately, due to the nature and size of the possible claimants, we cannot dedicate time to discuss each individual claim.

However, we are interested in your situation. Please fill out the below form and it we’ll review it. If the individual facts of your situation help to expose the underlying flaws of the DeKalb Recorder’s Court, we may contact you.

Disclaimer: This is a law office. We intend in no way to solicit your business, but will review your information only if you wish us to do so. By submitting information to us, you are indicating that you wish us to review this information. There is no requirement to fill anything out on this website in order to participate in any type of legal action. There has been no adjudication in this case whatsoever, and there may never be one. You may rest assured that what we receive on these forms will remain confidential. However, you must also understand that in no way is a lawyer agreeing to represent you, and you may not retain a lawyer simply by submitting this form.