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Hendrick & Henry Law are Georgia traffic and speeding ticket lawyers with proven success in courts across the state including Atlanta.

We have developed a highly specialized division of our firm dealing only with Georgia traffic and speeding issues. That means that our firms’ attorneys are actually practicing in the local Georgia courts where your ticket will be prosecuted — day to day, month to month, and year to year. For over thirteen years, the traffic division attorneys at Hendrick & Henry have cultivated these relationships and will put them to work for you.

Your driving record is very valuable, even though most people don’t know it.

The premium you pay for your insurance is based on several variables. By far the most significant variable is your driving record. Any conviction, even for minor infractions, will show up on your driving record.

Then your insurance company will raise your rates. They will stay elevated for 3-5 (sometimes 7!) years. Over this time, you will literally pay thousands in additional premiums. To verify this, we encourage you to call your insurance agent to ask them what effect a conviction will have on your premium. We can save you thousands by avoiding this.

The easiest way your insurance company discovers a conviction is through your driving record. We are very successful in avoiding ANY record. We can prevent ANY points from being assessed. Recently, we’ve seen a push by some data-mining companies to find infractions even if they are not on your driving record (other ticket defense firms won’t tell you this). Then they sell this information to your insurance company so they can raise your rates. At Hendrick and Henry, we do everything in our power to make this difficult for your insurance company.

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On fines, court costs, and car insurance premium increases.
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No going to court, no multiple trips, and no missed work.
Avoid Anxiety:
When we represent you in traffic court, you may not need to face the judge, district attorney, or police officer to argue your ticket.
Avoid Aggravation:
Usually no courthouse hassles.

We represent Atlanta, Georgia clients in all types of traffic and speeding tickets including:
• Speeding tickets
• Super Speeder
• Red light
• Stop sign
• No insurance
• Suspended license
• Suspended registration
• Commercial Driver Licenses – CDL
• Failure to appear and Warrants
• Online  Traffic Tickets
• Aggressive Driving
• Passing a School Bus
• Reckless Driving
• Hit & Run
• Improper Lane Change
• Improper Passing
• Following Too Closely
• Move Over Violation
• Failure to Yield
• Texting While Driving
• Disorderly Conduct
• Possession of Less than 1 oz. Marijuana
• Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device
• No Valid License

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Georgia Traffic Tickets

Like most states, Georgia’s driving laws include violations other than speeding. These violations are also reported to the Department of Drivers’ Services, and will cause your insurance liability rates to rise. This is especially expensive in the metro-Atlanta area. Insurance in metro-Atlanta is very expensive due to actuarial grids used by the insurance companies that show that there are more accidents and claims from the heavily-congested roadways in and around Atlanta.

The most common of these violations are: 
Failure to Maintain Lane (3 points), Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device (red lights, stop signs, etc.—3 points), Failure to Move Over for an Emergency Vehicle (6 points), Following Too Closely (usually found in accident cases—3 points), Reckless Driving (3 points), and Passing a Stopped School Bus (6 points).

Defenses in these types of non-speeding moving violations vary widely with each different driving situation. The defense of Justification can sometimes be asserted, but only where breaking the law would avoid some greater harm. This defense is rarely successful, and must only be employed in very specific fact patterns. We will evaluate each case separately, and determine if there are valid defenses to each charge.

“Points” can be somewhat misleading in terms of the consequences you will face for receiving a traffic ticket. In Georgia, an accumulation of 15 or more points will cause a suspension of your driving privilege. Drivers only occasionally face this type of suspension because one has to receive a fair number of moving violations before they will be suspended. This is really the only purpose of the “point” system, unless you are under 21 years of age (see the link for Under 21 Drivers).

However, most drivers relate “points” to their insurance rates. They have little correlation as the insurance company is not as concerned with the number of “points” you have as they are with what your driving record shows. Whether or not you receive “points” has nothing to do with whether the conviction will be reported to the Department of Drivers’ Services in Georgia. If your conviction is reported, it will become part of your driving record, and your insurance company will see it. Your liability premium rates will rise if anything is reported.

Nolo Contendere
To that end, there is also a fair amount of confusion over the use of the plea called Nolo Contendere which will result in no “points” being assessed for the conviction. It is not as beneficial as many people believe. You may use this type of plea once every 5 years, and it will only be allowed at the Judge’s discretion. Even if a “Nolo” plea is allowed, it will not prevent the conviction from being reported to the Department of Drivers’ Services. Your liability insurance premium rates will still rise since the conviction will still be reported.

Oftentimes, the most efficient solution to a non-speeding moving violations is not to plead Nolo. The most efficient solution involves figuring out a way to avoid having the charge reported to the Department of Drivers’ Services. This can be done in a number of ways that involve legal amendments to the Uniform Traffic Citation (the document you were given a copy of—your ticket). Whenever we successfully complete a case in this way, there will be no record that the ticket was ever issued on your driving record. This will prevent your liability insurance rates from rising.